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No wonder some people have been into cooking for decades. Still, they haven’t heard about whip cream chargers or the magic that whipped cream dispensers can do – yet they have manipulated other less generous tools-.

Well, for those enthusiasts seeking to know more, we recommend staying tuned to this guide, where we will go through what both tools are and represent and how to use them correctly step-by-step.

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whipped cream dispensers

What are Whipped Cream Chargers?

A whipped cream charger, also known as a whipped cream canister, is a stainless-steel container in the form of canisters or cylinders like ExoticWhip 640gr, containing nitrous oxide (N2O) under pressure. Nitrous oxide in this state acts as a whipping agent to whipped cream or any other mix once introduced in a cream siphon. In other words, N2O helps aerate any mixture, increasing volume and density. Perfect for preparing large batches of cream at your restaurant! 

But, its magic does not end up with whipped cream. The whipped cream dispenser and cartridges can be used in conjunction in multiple ways to smooth out a variety of things inside the kitchen. For instance, our latest blog, 5 Unique Ways to Use a Whipping Siphon & Cream Chargers, points out some interesting ideas for using these two tools.

To note:

A cream charger you can also call whipped cream canister, cartridge, whippits (whip-its), or whippets if found in 8g, the standard, worldwide-known size. Universally compatible with all kitchen siphons.

If the cream charger is presented in a bigger size than 8g, you can call it a cream charger or whipped cream canister.

In the market nowadays, you can find sizes like 8g, 580g, 670g, and 2000g. More prominent ones, we call ‘tanks.’ These are larger cream chargers of 2kg, 4kg, etcetera.

What are Whipped Cream Dispensers?

Generally made of stainless steel or aluminum, a whipped cream dispenser (or cream siphon) is a device that forces nitrous oxide into the cream. Simply, the bottle where we introduce N2O to aerate the desired mix by quickly dissolving the butterfat under pressure.

While it is primarily used for whipping cream, this kitchen utensil results way more conveniently than we think. Imagine! You can even marinate beef steak with it! Of course, under the proper guidance.

However, for the magic to occur and finally get the whipped cream we indicated, you need to introduce nitrous oxide. How do we do that? Keep reading!

To note:

A whip cream dispenser is also known as a cream siphon, siphon, whipping siphon, or kitchen siphon.

whipped cream dispenser & cream charger

How to Use a Cream Siphon with an ExoticWhip Whipped Cream Canister

Until now, you understand what you need to start with the trick. It is time to know how to complete it fully. Follow the instructions below to use a cream siphon with an ExoticWhip cream charger of 640gr.

  1. The very first indication for this step-by-step is getting yourself a pressure regulator. It should come packed with a filling hose and an adaptor.
  2. Secondly, you must prepare your cream siphon and ensure you don’t miss any essential pieces. Also, make sure your siphon is clean beforehand. We do not want solid particles to damage our excellent result or block the valve!.
  3. As a third step, prepare your heavy cream mixture, unscrew the siphon’s head, and pour your mix into the dispenser. You can also do it before and leave to cool down.
  4. Wind back the siphon’s head and check the rubber gasket inside. It helps avoid gas leaking.
  5.  It is time to connect our regulator to the ExoticWhip cylinder! For this, unpack your regulator and screw it to the cylinder’s valve till it is secured. Check the image above to understand how it should look.
  6. Now, connect one side of the filling hose to the press regulator and the other part to the dispenser. Both parts need to be very well tightened! If gas comes out, we will be wasting it!
  7. Ready both parts? Place the siphon and cream charger onto a table and slowly open the pressure regulator valve. You need to get the regulator gauge to 20 bar and close the valve to get to this value. After this step, we can finally let the nitrous oxide through the filling hose by opening it. We recommend allowing the N2O to go for about 30 seconds till you hear it slows down the sound inside the bottle.
  8. Close the filling hose, disconnect the hose from the siphon, and shake gently for a few seconds. This action will allow the gas to bind effectively to the fat molecules of the cream.
  9. As the penultimate step, place a decorative nozzle in the nozzle adapter. You may choose according to your preference. Then, turn the siphon upside down, but like really upside down. We have experienced that an abnormal pressure might come first out of the gas if not done correctly.
  10. Being shaking the siphon and placed upside down, the final step is pressing the handle to liberate the mix!

Voilá! Time to serve!

Whipped Cream Dispenser & Canisters

If this result is too difficult for you to practice and you decide to keep going with canisters instead, you should then know that a single 8-gram whippet, for example, is sufficient to charge a 0.5 liter whipped cream dispenser. Read the guide How to Use Cream Dispensers & Cream Chargers the Right Way to discover how to use cream dispensers and whipped cream canisters.

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