Our cream chargers deliver

more capacity exotic flavors european gas to you.

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85 times more capacity
compared to traditional cream chargers

Cream Chargers With European Quality.

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    Exotic Whip Strawberry Whipped Cream Charger 640 gram – 6x

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    Exotic Whip Original Cream Charger 640 gram – 12x

  • Sale!

    Exotic Whip Strawberry Whipped Cream Charger 640 gram – 24x

  • Whipped Cream Siphon Buyer's Guide | Exotic Whip Cream Chargers N2O

    Exotic Whip Cream Siphon

It’s time to get exotic.

Exotic Whip, without any chemical taste.

Get 10% more N2O from each cream charger compared to similar products. Thanks to our revolutionary seamless cream charger, there is no unpleasant chemical taste.

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