ExoticWhip® is the beach-feeling cream charger

ExoticWhip® is the beach-feeling cream charger

Life is good – the sun is shining, the ocean is all around. ExoticWhip® is your ticket to the tropics. We’ll have you feeling like lounging on a sun-dazed beach. Each canister promises delightful whip and dazzling foam.

Explore the world, find the tropics, enjoy the exotic. Dive into our brand’s story!

Our Brand

Why do business with us?

Why do business with us?

  • Premium Quality European N2O
  • ExoticWhip® is a brand that sells itself
  • Coast-to-coast warehouses ensure quick deliveries and easy logistics
  • Get insider sales leads and constant support
  • Personalised service
  • A lasting partnership built on trust
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What Our Customers Say

Robert Di Canio

Restaurant Owner

Exotic Whip is the most consistent cream charger I’ve ever used. The quality never fails either, whether it’s the flavoured bottles or the largest sizes. The price is well-matched to its standard.

Rico Noguera

Wholesale Supplier

This is my most popular sale. What I like about Exotic is that it is produced with love and care. The cylinders are good quality, well-designed, and creative. They are favorites amongst my clients and always sell super fast.

Sandra Lindqvist

Executive Barista

The team behind ExoticWhip are dependable people. After purchasing and testing their products for the first time, they were very supportive. Very reachable and extremely helpful. They also provided their expertise when it came to selling the product to other businesses.