Be Inspired

We offer you the dream of pristine beaches, the whisper of swaying palms, and sun-sparkled water. It’s what inspired our product and what we hope will inspire you. ExoticWhip® was designed to be a gateway to guilty pleasures without compromising on the highest European quality.

Our bestseller

Consistent and reliable, our bestseller comes in the finest European quality


Brand New

The newest size perfection: our most convenient bottle to date


Highest Capacity

Our highest capacity chargers also come in flavors


Find it – then Dive In

You can’t find the exotic if you don’t explore. We make it easy for you: every bottle of ExoticWhip® is a ticket to new destinations. All you have to do is dive in and enjoy.


Foamy fresh refreshments under the palm trees? Culinary espumas enjoyed on a swaying hammock with a view of the sunset? The most abundant of creams on the fruitiest of dishes? Make sauces that whisk you away to weekend gateways on velvet sands.

Why ExoticWhip?

ExoticWhip® is a product that embodies the essence of the perfect beach escape, an impeccable blend of luxury and pleasure, ensuring that all your culinary dreams are transformed into reality. ExoticWhip® is your ticket to paradise.

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, taste the tropical, dive into the exotic

ExoticWhip® is an experience