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How to become a nitrous oxide distributor

The nitrous oxide market is growing tremendously and this is because the demand is increasing. Do you want to enter the market but you don’t know how? We list a few things for this.

Why is the nitrous oxide market growing so fast?

Within different industries, nitrous oxide is being used more and more. Especially within the food and beverage market, there is a large increase to be seen that is due to molecular cuisine, in addition, the medical market is also growing.

Supply of nitrous oxide

Because the demand is high, there is also nothing missing from the supply. Most brands already have their own distribution channels, which makes it difficult for a new brand to enter the market.

New companies and products are becoming more and more ludicrous in order to enter the market so well and in addition, the market is also seen as lucrative. So how should you start? Are you thinking about entering the market? Then think about the following points carefully.

Delivery of the N2O gas

One of the biggest challenges will be to find the right manufacturer. The thing to keep in mind is that most of them are not looking for new distributors. We can help you, Exotic Whip is always looking for new cream charger distributors.

Quality assurance of nitrous oxide

Also, an important point to keep in mind, when you have found a nitrous oxide manufacturer, is that it also meets the quality requirements. There are strict regulations in Europe about the use and transport of gases and in this case, nitrous oxide. In addition to the strict rules, the gas also has different quality differences, take this into account as well.

All Exotic Whip products comply with the regulations and are also completely disposable and environmentally friendly.

The durability of larger cream chargers

In addition, it is good to look for manufacturers who sell large nitrous oxide “cream chargers”. This is because they have a big advantage in terms of sustainability. A large tank with a total capacity of 640g of nitrous oxide (N2O) fits roughly the equivalent of 85 regular 7,5g cream chargers. You save on both transport and packaging costs. This way you save on total costs and larger cream chargers are more sustainable!

Are you interested in entering the nitrous oxide market? Please contact us via our website. We want to make nitrous oxide accessible and we are always looking for new distributors.