Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide Suppliers Near Me 

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In this guide, we will take you through some ins and outs of food-grade nitrous oxide and point out the best suppliers of N2O in the market. Continue reading.

Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide Suppliers Near Me

Two words haven’t probably escaped your attention: Nitrous oxide. Undoubtedly, this subject has become so popular in the last few years that you might even dream about it, or probably not. However, the issue doesn’t stop with just recreation; it is far from just popularity now; it is a whole industry. Among cooks, for instance, it appears to be known as food-grade nitrous oxide, an additive identified as E942 in the food industry.

To delve into this topic in detail, in this guide, we will take you through some ins and outs of food-grade nitrous oxide and point out the best suppliers in the market. Continue reading.

Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide in the Catering Industry

Nitrous oxide is not like any other gas. It is colorless, non-inflammable (yet better to keep in well-ventilated areas), and not a naturally occurring gas; it is manufactured. We can purchase it in cartridges or cream chargers online or in catering wholesalers’ stores in a pressurized liquid state. 

In the food industry, the primary use of nitrous oxide is as a propellant gas for aerosol products, notably in the production of whipped cream. Nitrous oxide plays a crucial role by aerating the cream mixture, expanding it to four times its original volume. This process is essential for creating the light, fluffy texture that makes whipped cream a favorite topping in various desserts and beverages.

But nitrous oxide appliance does not end up with whipped cream. It is possible to use this food additive to prepare mousses, foams, whipped cream cakes, cocktail recipes, sauces, etc.

Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers and Whipped Cream Dispensers

From the previous paragraph, we understood that nitrous oxide’s applicability is limitless in the kitchen and is undoubtedly a magical element for bakers who love topping with whipped cream. However, nitrous oxide doesn’t act alone for the magic to occur. You might still need a whipped cream dispenser or cream siphon to create whipped cream non-traditional. This device is no more than an aluminium or stained steel 1L bottle that can hold about 8 grams of nitrous oxide (standard canister size) or more than that.

The bottle is where the pressurized nitrous oxide is released and dissolves under added liquids.

How does a cream siphon work together with a bigger cream charger? 

In a regular siphon, we introduce the capsule in the cartridge holder of the bottle to first secure it and then open/pierce the capsule. Next is pressing the lever to force the (pressurized) liquid out through the nozzle we initially had to locate on the adapter.

Using a cream charger changes the scene. While using a cylinder-like Exotic Whip of any other similar characteristics, we first pour our mix into the siphon and shake gently for a few seconds. Then we pass on preparing the cylinder and installing the press regulator, which we must purchase together with ExoticWhip.

How to connect it? Easy! Use the hose with the press regulator and connect one side of the hose to the cream charger and the other side to the cartridge holder on the siphon. Once it is all settled, ensure all parts are tight enough and ready to use. The last step is checking that the siphon and the cream charger are equally regulated and that you don’t overcharge the siphon. Please read all indications from the press regulator. At last, you are good to press the lever of the siphon and start whipping cream!

4 Best Nitrous Oxide Suppliers Near Me (N2O)

You already know how (food-grade) nitrous oxide is applied in the kitchen and what special devices you need to use to put it into practice. Next, we bring you the list of the best nitrous oxide suppliers online.

1. ExoticWhip

Exotic Whip is one of the biggest brands of Food Grade Nitrous Oxide. It’s the only cylinder on the market in a 640gr format, making it attractive for beginners and those who stand unique compared to competitors. The brand is originally from the Netherlands and manufactured in Europe.

2. Fast Gas

Fast Gas is another giant in the market, famous in countries like the UK, Denmark, and Sweden and broadly known in Spain. Furthermore, this cylinder contains 615gr, comparable to other brands like Smartwhip, Cream Deluxe, and InfusionMax. It is possible to purchase from 1 to 24 units on the website.

3. Cream Deluxe

Cream Deluxe is a trendy brand in France and Spain that competes with a 615gr format cylinder. The Cream Deluxe Gold Cylinder is twice as light as the original bottle and is in their stock. Cream Deluxe closed its webshop to focus on a different way of ‘brand experience.’

4. Smartwhip

Smartwhip is primarily known in the UK and distributed actively in other countries in the European Union. This brand is focused on the food market and is well-ranked by chefs and bartenders.

Last but not least, we want to remind you of the possibility of becoming a distributor of Exotic Whip in your country or area. It is time for you to get Exotic!