What is SmartWhip?

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Established in 2019, SmartWhip is an Amsterdam-based company focused on the distribution of their SmartWhip cream chargers for the professional catering industry. 

SmartWhip, like brands such as Cream Deluxe, Fast Gas, and Exotic Whip makes use of a larger nitrous oxide tank that contains more nitrous oxide compared to the traditional cream cartridges everyone is familiar with. With the larger nitrous oxide tanks and a pressure regulator, it is much more efficient for catering businesses to refill their whipped cream dispenser and save time on routine refills.

What is SmartWhip used for?

SmartWhip cream chargers are primarily used in the professional catering industry to help businesses save time and money on routine refills of their whipping cream dispenser.

The usage of nitrous oxide tanks however has more applications than the usage in the professional catering industry. For example, you can use nitrous oxide to create your own WhipShots at home or to create some amazing cocktails for the warmer summer days.

Outside of the food industry nitrous oxide tanks, usually larger in capacity compared to the SmartWhip cream chargers, are also used in the medical world as a sedative, or even used in the automotive branch to create the well-known nitro we’re most familiar with from movies The Fast and Furious.

What is nitrous oxide?

We’ll keep this part short since we’ve gone into detail about the different types of nitrous oxide in one of our latest blog posts – “What is nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide, more commonly known as N2O comes in two different forms, technical and food-grade nitrous oxide.

Technical nitrous oxide is mainly used in the industrial market, whereas food-grade nitrous oxide is the form we see used by brands like SmartWhip and Cream Deluxe. The food-grade nitrous oxide, known by the E-number: E942 is safe for human consumption, the technical nitrous oxide however is not.

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Brands like SmartWhip

True, this blog post is primarily about SmartWhip, but there are a lot of alternatives for you to try out in case you can’t get your hands on any SmartWhip cream chargers. We’ve listed a couple of the well-established brands below with a short rundown of the brand and the product that’s the most similar to the SmartWhip cream charger.

Cream Deluxe

Just like SmartWhip, Cream Deluxe focuses primarily on the professional catering industry. With their 615 grams nitrous oxide tank Cream Deluxe makes it a breeze to create whipping cream and refill your whipping cream dispenser.

The primary drawback of the Cream Deluxe cream charger is that the brand does not actually sell its products online to consumers.

Fast Gas

Fast Gas also offers a 615 grams nitrous oxide tank just like SmartWhip and Cream Deluxe. Established in Amsterdam, Fast Gas has grown into one of the larger international brands, selling in the whole of Europe through their own cream charger webshop.


ExoticWhip, compared to SmartWhip, Cream Deluxe, and Fast Gas offers 640 grams nitrous oxide tanks, the largest consumer tanks on the market. Although the ExoticWhip brand started out in Europe, primarily Spain and The Netherlands, in recent years we’ve grown our brand worldwide and have both consumers as well as distributor sales points in Europe, North America, and Africa.

With the ExoticWhip nitrous oxide tank, you receive 10% more nitrous oxide compared to the above-mentioned brands. Recently we’ve also launched our very own flavored syrups, which can help you easily make your own WhipShots at home!

What is the difference between SmartWhip and ExoticWhip?

We’ve briefly touched on the difference between SmartWhip and ExoticWhip, but here’s a complete rundown of the difference between both nitrous oxide tank brands.

Both brands make use of the E942 food-grade nitrous oxide, disposable cream chargers which are primarily used in the food industry.

ExoticWhip however, compared to SmartWhip and the 615 grams nitrous oxide capacity, has a total of 640 grams of nitrous oxide in each nitrous oxide tank. We also deliver in both Europe as well as North America.

To our knowledge, as of yet, SmartWhip does not offer the ability to place orders for the SmartWhip cream chargers in America.

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The biggest cream charger on the market.

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Add an exotic twist to your whipped cream.

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ExoticWhip wholesale

ExoticWhip also offers the ability to become a distributor. When you become an ExoticWhip distributor you get access to wholesale prices, a personal sales representative to help you set up your wholesale business and free access to all of our (online) content that you can use to promote your business.

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SmartWhip wholesale

Just like the other brands (including ExoticWhip) SmartWhip offers the ability to sign up for their distributor program. As a wholesale distributor for SmartWhip you get access to cheaper prices.