Everything You Need To Know About Whipped Cream Siphons

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What Is A Whipped Cream Siphon?

A whipped cream siphon is a device made of aluminum or steel that can hold about 8 grams of nitrous oxide (N2O) to pressurize the canister and release the nitrous oxide and allow it to dissolve under the added liquids. When the nitrous oxide gas is released by opening the valve of the whipped cream siphon and pressing the lever, the liquid is forced out of the nozzle at high pressure. The bubbles are created to turn the liquid (depending on the type of liquid) into a mousse or foam.

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How does the whipped cream siphon make whipped cream?

When you want to make whipped cream, you need to use a thickened cream. This cream can have a fat content of 27-36%. When you use the whipped cream siphon pressure is released, this causes the nitrous oxide in the fat molecule to expand and whipped cream is created. The whipped cream siphon provides 4x more quantity compared to when you whip whipped cream yourself by hand.

Can you use any kind of gas in the whipped cream siphon?

It is important that you use only N2O gas. The reason nitrous oxide is used in a whipped cream siphon is that the gas dissolves easily with liquids and the gas is not lost at the time it is in the siphon. What is also an advantage of using nitrous oxide in whipped cream siphons is that it also inhibits the growth of bacteria and it has no smell or taste.

How do you use a whipped cream siphon?

  1. It is important that you follow the recipe for the type of cream or foam you want to make and set the siphon on a flat surface.
  2. Unscrew the head of the whipped cream siphon from the container
  3. Put the liquids according to the recipe into the whipped cream siphon (this could include syrups, sugars, or other extracts)
  4. Then screw the head back onto the whipped cream siphon
  5. Take a whipped cream cartridge and place it in the holder
  6. Screw the cartridge holder onto the pin of the whipped cream siphon until you hear the N2O gas escape a little. It is not bad if a little gas is lost during this process.
  7. Shake the whipped cream siphon to allow the gas to mix well with the contents
  8. Turn the whipped cream siphon with the tip down and press the lever to push out the mixture

How to clean the whipped cream siphon?

It is important that you do NOT put the head of the whipped cream siphon in the dishwasher, we recommend washing it by hand

  1. Start by removing the holder that holds the nitrous oxide cartridge
  2. Flip the head of the whipped cream siphon off the holder and remove the rubber round and pull out the valve. Some valves on whipped cream siphons cannot be removed, so pay close attention to this.
  3. Clean all parts separately with detergent and water
  4. Let everything dry for a while
  5. When everything is dry you can put everything back together again

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Five different uses for a whipped cream siphon

More and more advances are being made in the gastronomic world, so too are the possibilities in the professional kitchen. So what tools do you need to serve up such a unique creation and experience a taste sensation?

By using a whipped cream siphon, you can make extraordinary creations and structures. Here we discuss five techniques you can use to give your dish an extra boost.

1. Quick infusion

This is a very fast and efficient way to get the liquids going with an intense flavor. This can vary from syrup, oil to alcohol, by using a whipped cream siphon with nitrous oxide, this is done within a few seconds. By using a whipped cream siphon, the liquids penetrate deep into the ingredient and give it much more flavor.

2. Whipped Cream perfection

Logically, with a whipped cream siphon you can of course make whipped cream. But what are the advantages of this? Of course, it is also possible to whip up whipped cream by hand, what makes the device a better addition? This is because it uses nitrous oxide. The gas penetrates the cream as a liquid and because of this, it is evenly distributed when the cream is released. Because of the fat content of the cream, the foam becomes very stable and is more controllable. A nice side effect is also that you can store it more easily. The remaining cream that remains in the siphon and you don’t need yet can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

3. Marinade

This technique is very similar to the quick infusion technique. Marinating with a nitrous oxide tank reduces the time a piece of meat, for example, must marinate and provides a great taste. The nitrous oxide, together with the pressure from the whipping syringe, allows the flavors to penetrate the meat and also makes it more tender.

4. Foam

Foams can be used for all kinds of dishes, both hot and cold. They can also vary tremendously in terms of flavors. You can go from sweet to sour to salty, and anyway you can increase the taste sensation with it.

5. Mousse

Finally, you have a mousse. Mousse is a thickened version of whipped cream. Here you also have to use thickener in the whipped cream siphon, because of the pressure and aeration of the whipped cream siphon you create a tremendously soft texture.