Prepare Whipped Cream in 5 Minutes With N2O

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Prepare Whipped Cream In 5 Minutes Using N2O Whipped Cream Chargers

Whipped cream is an essential component of many culinary preparations. It finds application in home kitchens, bakeries, restaurants, cafes, and more. However, the process of making whipped cream can be time-consuming and daunting, and also, there is no guarantee to get the best results every time – especially if you try to do it the conventional way.

Gone are the days when preparing whipped cream was considered something that only experts could handle. Today, making whipped cream is a no-sweat task and even a beginner can prepare whipped cream with utter perfection. Yes, we are talking about the very innovative whipped cream charger that not only gives you fresh, airy, and fluffy whipped cream in a jiffy but transforms you into an expert barista or chef at home.

But, before delving deep into whipped cream chargers, let’s talk a little about whipped cream.

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What is a Whipped Cream Dispenser and what they do | Exotic Whip

What’s Whipped Cream?

Whipped cream is a type of cream, which is made from whipping cream, using a mixer or whisk. The cream is whipped until it turns airy and fluffy. This can also be achieved by the expansion of a dissolved gas, which forms a colloid.
Instant whipped cream is made in a whipping siphon, using a whipped cream charger. A gas, usually nitrous oxide (N2O), dissolves in the butterfat under pressure. When the pressure is liberated, the gas leaves the solution while forming bubbles.
Whipped cream is commonly flavored with chocolate, vanilla, sugar, coffee, orange, and more. It is a preferred topping for freshly cut fruits and desserts, ice creams, cakes, cupcakes, waffles, shakes, hot chocolates, pancakes, and puddings. It is also served over coffee and used as a filling in layered cakes. Especially in a bakery, it is released through a conical or cylindrical bag to create different shapes for decorative purposes.

What are Whipped Cream Chargers?

A whipped cream charger is basically a steel cartridge or cylinder filled with certified, pure, food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O) that acts as a whipping agent in a whipped cream dispenser. Whipped cream chargers have a tapered end with a thin seal, which is broken to release the gas. A pointed structure within the whipped cream dispenser helps break the covering. The kitchen appliance in which whipped cream chargers are introduced is called whipping siphon. The gas released in a siphon reacts with whipping cream to form whipped cream.
Quality ExoticWhip 640 gram cream chargers are quite efficient with respect to the amount of whipped cream they produce. ExoticWhip cream charger can turn nearly half a liter of whipping cream into up to 1.5 liters of whipped cream, which is way more than what you can achieve with mechanical whipping.
There are many other popular brands of whipped cream chargers on the market with Liss cream chargers, Kayser cream chargers, and Mosa cream chargers being the popular ones in Europe. But these days, you can easily find the most popular ExoticWhip 640g cream chargers bottles that are equivalent to 85 cream chargers of 8gm on our website having single, 6 pieces, 12, and 24 pieces and also retailers that offer cream chargers in bulk at wholesale rates in the UK and beyond.

What’s Whipping Cream?

Whipping cream is a type of cream, usually available at stores that is used to make whipped cream. It has a milk fat content of 30 – 36%. Heavy whipped cream with a milk fat content of 36% and above creates whipped cream with stable peaks. It is also used in soups and sauces, and as a garnish as well.

Whipped Cream N2O Chargers to Create Whipped Cream in 5 Minutes

The basic working mechanism behind Whipped Cream N2O Chargers and siphon (also, called dispenser) is the same – whether you are using Kayser cream chargers, 600 Liss cream chargers, or any other popular brand charger. You can follow the simple instructions below to create perfect whipped cream at home in no time:

  1. Remove the head of the dispenser and half-fill it with heavy whipping cream
  2. Add powdered sugar and a flavoring agent (vanilla, chocolate, etc.)
  3. Replace the head of the dispenser and shake the contents
  4. Insert the hose into the cream dispenser head and release 8 gm N2O gas into it connecting another side to the ExoticWhip 640 gram cylinder until you hear a fizzy sound. This signifies that the gas has been liberated into the dispenser.
  5. Shake the dispenser’s handle while holding it upside down. Fresh whipped cream will start to flow in a matter of seconds.

Benefits of Using 670g N2O Whipped Cream Charger

There are several benefits of using a 670 gram N2O Whipped Cream Charger from reputed brands:
A quality cream charger can preserve and keep foams and sauces fresh for a longer duration, thereby increasing the shelf-life of your foods.

Since your foams and sauces remain fresh for longer, these chargers allow you to prepare food in advance and save time.

Many top-brand cream charger canisters are fully air-tight that allow you to keep some types of mixtures, especially the ones containing dairy or egg, fresh for 5-7 days. Moreover, if you are using a charger in its professional capacity, the freshness of the mixture can be maintained for over a week.

You can also use our top-quality Exotic Whip cream charger to provide extra volume to any sauces or dressings that can’t be otherwise aerated. This further allows you to be creative with your recipes. Once the air is added to the mixture, it tends to stick to food items more easily, making the flavor stronger.
Most importantly what makes our ExoticWhip cream chargers unique from other conventional 8gm cream charges is that it comes with 3 subtle flavors like pretty pineapple, wavey watermelon, and passion fruit that makes your whipped cream aromatic and tasty.

Tips and Caution to take When Using Whipped Cream Chargers & N2O Cream Dispensers

Whether you are using other brands of cream chargers like Liss cream chargers, Kayser cream chargers or Mosa cream chargers, or Exotic Whip 640g cream chargers, taking safety measures to avoid any potential damage to the appliance or hazard is crucial. While these quality whipped cream chargers conform to European regulatory guidelines and are designed to offer maximum safety, it is never a bad idea to be cautious and follow instructions when using them:

  1. The chargers must only be used for preparing food items.
  2. Before using any whipped cream charger and other related equipment, make sure to read the instruction manual, supplied by the manufacturer, in the first place.
  3. Give special attention to instructions on how to safely charge cream using a whipped cream charger.
  4. Make sure not to release more than 1 charger or 8gm N2O gas in a 250 ml or 500 ml siphon and more than 2 chargers or 16gm in a 1L dispenser. Using more than what is suggested can lead to an explosion.
  5. These chargers have N20 gas under high pressure. Attempting to pierce the seal of these chargers without using appropriate equipment can result in injuries and freeze burns.
  6. Never dispose of filled chargers as they might cause injuries to others.
  7. Keep them out of reach of children; must be used by individuals of 18 years of age and above.
  8. Pressurized gas cartridges or cylinders shouldn’t be carried in a plane. (It is prohibited by aviation laws)

A whipped cream charger and dispenser make for a great tool to prepare freshly whipped meringue, smooth and soft batters, airy foams, and salad dressings. Once you know how to use them in the right manner, you can start putting your creative side to work for making different toppings for your favorite dishes.

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