Choosing Whipped Cream Chargers Wisely

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In the market, whipped cream chargers come in many sizes and capacities. It is difficult not to get confused with the variety out there. Also, what can be confusing, are the many names that the different formats receive. Call it whippets, cartridges, cylinders, or tanks.

This guide takes you through whipped cream chargers’ most known formats, pointing out all their main features. Choose wisely!

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8-gram Whipped Cream Chargers or Nitrous Oxide Cartridges

When at a bakery or a high-end restaurant, it might happen to you that you see the baker or chef using a cream dispenser to make whipped cream or to top any dessert. Immediately afterward, you wonder how he can make whipped cream with this bottle. Well, the baker probably used an N2O cartridge.

Cartridges, whippits, or whippets are either stainless steel or aluminum containers of 8-gram containing nitrous oxide under pressure. N2O, in this state, acts as a whipping agent to whipped cream or any other mix once introduced in a cream siphon. 

Regarding their features, the 8-gram cream chargers are the easiest-to-get available version offline and online. It is also the smallest size in the market.

You can buy N2O cartridges online in multi-unit packs, in boxes of 10, 24, or 50 pieces.

How to Use an 8-gram N2O Cartridge

Before placing your cartridge in the cream siphon, prepare your heavy cream (with a butterfat content of a minimum of 35%) and pour the final mix into the dispenser. If this is ready, insert one charger in the charge holder of your cream siphon and screw it back onto the dispenser. Screw till you hear you have pierced the canister, and the gas is coming out.

Once the gas sits in the mixture, shake the siphon gently and place it upside down toward the plate you want to top. The result should be a lovely and steady cloud of whipped cream!

You can also check this guide to discover how to use a whipping siphon.

640-gram Whipped Cream Chargers or Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

640g cylinders are the counterpart of 8-gram N2O cartridges, high-standard cream chargers of premium quality. Online, you can also find cylinders of 580gr, 615gr, and even higher capacity than 640gr. Think of 2, 4, or 10kg. These last are better called ‘N2O Tanks.’

What makes them so unique?

Let’s start with the capacity! 640 gr are already more than two batches of whipped cream secured. A single bottle of 640-gram replaces 85+ traditional canisters.

Not to mention how practical and time-saving they are. Using bottles shortens production time by 50%. It improves recharging time too.

Similarly, 640g tanks meet stringent international standards for superior and consistent performance, safety, quality, and environmentally responsible practices.

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Features of an N2O Cylinder

  • A typical cylinder can have a length and width of 12 inches and 3 inches, respectively.
  • Cylinders are made of high-strength stainless steel
  • All cylinders used in the food industry contain food-grade nitrous oxide gas (E942)
  • Pressure tested at 165 bar.
  • You can deposit it in a nearby recycling center. Cylinders are fully reusable, disposable, and eco-friendly.
  • Adheres to all European standards and regulations

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