Cream Siphon

Whipped cream is a “must have” for every foodie. But whipped cream is time-consuming, and ready-made cream doesn’t have much in common with good whipped cream. But if you buy a cream siphon, you can achieve a better result. This guide has info and tips that can help you make your buying decision.

Cream siphon, cream maker, or cream dispenser?

One device, multiple meanings. All designations are correct. This is a pressure stable, robust bottle. On the cap, depending on the model, there is a lever or button that triggers the foaming process. It is also equipped with a dosing nozzle. Depending on the product, several nozzles may be included in the scope of delivery. Siphons are available in three sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, and 1 l.

Many can prepare more than whipped cream. Depending on the creation, creams, mousses, sauces, espuma, or foam crowns can be conjured up for various dishes. On the Internet, you can find many cream siphon recipes that you can try.

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    Strawberry Flavor Syrup

  • mango flavored cream charger syrup

    Mango Flavor Syrup

  • nitrous oxide pressure regulator for cream chargers

    Pressure Regulator

  • Whipped Cream Siphon Buyer's Guide | Exotic Whip Cream Chargers N2O

    Cream Siphon

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Cream siphon function

Fill the bottle with the liquid you have created. Then screw the cap on the bottle and operate the lever or press the button. In order for the whipped cream siphon to produce cream, you need a cream cartridge in the cap. This is filled with a gas called N2O. The gas foams the liquid in the bottle under pressure. Finally, the dispensing nozzle spits out the finished whipped cream or whatever you have created. Tip: If you are looking for a cream dispenser that will catch your treat first, simply enter the keyword Sahnesyphon WMF in a search engine.

Cream Siphon Test 

We have looked around for you and discovered some tests. From there it was evident that the stainless steel products performed best. This is due to the high quality of the material. However, lower-priced siphons made of an aluminum-stainless steel combination also performed well. Plastic products are discouraged due to environmentally harmful properties. Here is a brief summary of the pros and cons.

Cream siphon plastic:

Pros: very reasonably priced.
Cons: Rapid wear and tear. Material may contain pollutants such as plasticizers or microparticles, which can get into the food.

Cream siphon aluminum:

Pro: The siphons are easy to handle due to their lightweight. Prices are within an affordable range.
Cons: Since aluminum can oxidize, it is viewed with critical eyes by environmentalists and downgraded as not food safe.

Cream siphon stainless steel and aluminum:

Pro: Less of a concern in terms of hygiene than pure aluminum products. This is because only the body is made of aluminum. Everything else is made of stainless steel.
Cons: Particularly inexpensive products often deliver inadequate results when making cream, mousse, and creams. Cartridges for cream siphon are often not included. 

Cream siphon stainless steel:

Pro: The high quality of the material proves itself in the quality. You get Syphon cream in restaurant quality. That’s why the creamers are used both in the private and professional sectors. Sometimes even cream siphon recipes are included.
Cons: The purchase prices are in the higher price category.

Note: Unfortunately, neither Stiftung Warentest nor Ökotest has yet conducted a cream siphon test.

Buying a cream siphon: This is what you should consider

Before you buy a cream dispenser, you should think about what you expect from it. Do you want it to make large or small portions? Will you use it often or only rarely? How much do you want to spend?

These are questions you should address before buying a cream siphon. Keep in mind that you often need to purchase cream cartridges separately. However, cartridges for cream siphon are usually part of the accessories in most online stores as well as in specialized stores. However, order only those that are recommended for your cream siphon. Because if the volume of the bottle and the cream siphon cartridges do not match, it can happen that the siphon explodes.

Note on the search: If you search the Internet for cream siphon WMF, you will be led to no siphon, but a container for distributing the cream products.