How to Make The Perfect Culinary Foam Using a Cream Whipper

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Going to fine dining nowadays is a whole experience. You see and try two or more modern culinary techniques in two hours of dinner. One of the most typical techniques that might not escape your sight is foaming: the art of trapping gas bubbles in a liquid or solid that later will be called culinary foam. 

This guide will teach you how to make the perfect foam using a cream whipper. 

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culinary foam

What is A Culinary Foam?

We just mentioned that foaming (in culinary terms) is the art of trapping gas bubbles in a liquid or solid. In simple terms, foam is the aerated form of that liquid or solid. From there, the foams are of a more spongy texture.

Also, we could define a food foam as a stabilizing agent in which air is suspended. Their density will then depend on the liquid’s thickness and the ratio of liquid to air. Some known forms are whipped cream, merengue, or mousse.

A lighter foam, for instance, will be described as froth– such as the bubbles of a beer or cappuccino. But whether you are striving for froth, mousse, foam, or even ‘air,’ the methods are similar.

Let’s see now what you need for a perfect culinary foam. 

Though it is possible to create foams without artificial stabilizers such as eggs, milk, butter, etc., you can better use an emulsifier like soy lecithin or a stabilizer like agar-agarStabilizers manage the behavior of water, while emulsifiers manage the functionality of fat.

Lecithin, for one, works similarly to the proteins in eggs and milk. It acts as an emulsifier to hold the shape of the foam, and the amount you disperse into the liquid should depend on how stiff you want it to be.

Next, we will unveil an easy-breezy recipe that doesn’t need a stabilizer or emulsifier to be unique—ideal for making at home with your loved ones.

Step-By-Step For Creating The Perfect Paprika Foam

Many people think that foams are difficult to achieve, and they are correct. This premise is because creating the right balance of texture and taste represents a big challenge. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible. If there’s hope and good guidance, it is attainable.

In this opportunity, we will try a fantastic and easy recipe, paprika foam.

You can use the paprika foam as a dip or topping on a salty snack.

Here are the utensils you will need:

  • Blender
  • Saucepan
  • An immersion blender (hand blender)
  • A sieve
  • A 0.5 l cream siphon
  • One traditional N2O canister

Optional: Use an ExoticWhip cream charger instead of a small canister, together with a pressure regulator.


Dice the peppers and sauté with garlic in olive oil. Once they are ready, smash them to finely puree with the cream cheese, mascarpone, and spices of choice in a blender. Pass through a sieve and reduce the number of solid parts resting. Then add the heavy cream: the mixture should have a creamy consistency. Preferably 35% fat.

Pour your mixture into a 0.5 l cream whipper, screw the N2O canister and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Before serving, cool the filled cream whipper in the refrigerator for 1-2 hours.

Serve in the glass as a dip with vegetables or crackers.

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Tips For Making Culinary Foam With A Cream Whipper

If you have never used a cream siphon, do not worry, you can find all the instructions you need on our blog page. But if you still prefer receiving valuable tips by reading this guide, we are here to please you.

First, you should always read the manual. Every device is different, and what works for one brand does not work for another.

Second, do not be afraid to give your dispenser a vigorous shake. Just make sure you do it gently without exaggerating your moves.

Third, while dispensing the foam out of your siphon, hold the whipper upside down over the food item directly. Doing so will drive the suds out of the dispenser with force.

Fourth, avoid overfilling the siphon with the ingredients. Putting anything above the maximum fill mark will not yield the desired results. Overfilling may prevent the nitrous oxide gas from mixing well with the elements.

Lastly, always chill your siphon for up to 20-40 in the fridge before using it. You can do the same with the rest of the utensils. Never place it in the freezer.

Hopefully, this has been a fruitful guide, and you are ready to hit those holidays with delicious paprika foam.

If you decide to try making the perfect foam with an ExoticWhip cream charger, you can shop directly on our website.

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