Nitrous Oxide Tank With a Pressure Regulator

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Using an ExoticWhip Nitrous Oxide Tank With a Pressure Regulator

Suppose you are planning to purchase an ExoticWhip Nitrous Oxide Tank or a few for a significant catering event. In that case, you probably need a pressure regulator. This tool helps measure the amount of gas you pass onto the cream siphon; quite handy if you expect to shorten the refilling process.

In this guide, we present you a step-by-step of how to use a pressure regulator with an ExoticWhip Nitrous Oxide Tank. 

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An ExoticWhip Nitrous Oxide Tank is Always Better Than Cream Canisters

Buying cream chargers online isn’t easy. There are infinite options, and our criteria are not as specialized as we wish. This way, we often feel tempted to purchase cream cartridges instead of nitrous oxide tanks because we think they are better for domestic use.

This belief stops today. Thanks to a pressure regulator, nitrous oxide tanks are as friendly for domestic use as the tedious cream canisters.

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In the following step-by-step, you will realize that adding a pressure regulator to your daily whipped cream isn’t as hard as it might sound.

10 Steps To Use A Food-Grade Pressure Regulator With ExoticWhip

Step 1. Prepare your pressure regulator and all its parts (filling hose and adaptor).

Step 2. Prepare your cream siphon and ensure you don’t miss any essential pieces. Also, make sure your siphon is clean beforehand. We do not want solid particles to damage our excellent result or block the valve!

Step 3. Check the rubber gasket inside the siphon’s head. It should be well-located to avoid gas leaking. Learn here how a whipping siphon works. 

Step 4. Pour your preparation of heavy cream into the cream dispenser and screw the head back.

Step 5. Once your siphon is ready, place it on a table. It is time to connect our regulator to the ExoticWhip tank. For this, screw the regulator to the tank’s valve till you think it is secured. Check the image above to understand how it should look.

Step 6. The next step is to connect one side of the filling hose to the press regulator and the other part to the cream siphon. Both parts need to be very well-tightened! If gas comes out, we will be wasting it!

Ready both parts? Open the regulator’s valve slowly and get the regulator gauge to 20 bar. Close the valve when you reach this value.

Step 7. After the previous step, we can finally let the nitrous oxide through the filling hose by opening it. We recommend allowing the N2O to go for about 30 seconds till you hear it slows down the sound inside the bottle.

Step 8. Close the filling hose, disconnect it from the cream siphon, and shake the bottle gently for a few seconds. This action will allow the gas to bind effectively to the fat molecules of the cream.

Step 9. As the penultimate step, place a decorative nozzle in the nozzle adapter. You may choose according to your preference. Then, turn the siphon upside down, pointing to the plate where you want to top your whipped cream. An abnormal pressure might come first out of the gas if not done correctly.

Step 10. Completed steps 8 and 9? Feel free to press the handle of the cream dispenser to liberate the mix. It is time to serve! 

Look here at some safety facts for using nitrous oxide.

Nitrous Oxide Tanks For Sale

We know ten steps can be overwhelming and that the first time you use a pressure regulator can not go as expected. Still, luckily for you, our sales representatives are available to help you with the instructions you require. Understanding how to safely use a pressure regulator with your 640g whipped cream charger is equally crucial.

If you are interested in purchasing nitrous oxide tanks for domestic or professional use, go for a well-known brand such as ExoticWhip. Our bottle fits all standard cream siphons and complies with all European regulations for ADR goods.

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