The Mythical Cream Charger has Landed – NEW 1350g

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The mythical middle-size is what the market wanted and we have once again delivered. 

We finally bring you the 1350g, the most convenient N2O cream canister on the planet. Launched due to popular demand, Exotic Whip has developed a product that excels on every level.

The size comes in the freshest and most attention-grabbing design that matches its mythical status. Stock your shelves now with the golden mean of N2O chargers!

New Canister

Due to a formidable increase in capacity, Exotic Whip is releasing a fresh new canister. However, since our compression standards are the best in the market, we are producing 1350g in a size that is convenient and manageable.

Same European Quality Gas

Exotic Whip is ahead of the curve and leads the N2O cream charger market. We’re always coming up with new ideas but one thing never changes: quality. We hold to our commitment to give you only the best European quality nitrous. 

A product that Sells

The 1350g is the most in-demand canister to date. It’s a relief then that Exotic Whip is the name behind the product — this means that not only is this the N2O cream charger that will fly off the shelves but also the one clients will keep coming back to because Exotic Whip is the brand that stands for reliability and consistency.

Exotic Whip leads the market

Exotic Whip continues to lead the market in N2O. We make the mythical a real thing. We devise products that others deem imaginary. Our name has become synonymous with the products we promise.

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