Exotic Flavors For Your Cream Chargers

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A Variety of Flavours for Your Cream Chargers

True to its name, the Exotic Whip cream charger is rather exotic in many ways, to begin with, the size of the N2O cylinders is bigger compared to other N2O cylinders on the market. Whereas other N2O cylinders generally contain 580g of nitrous oxide, the Exotic Whip chargers are filled with 10% more nitrous oxide, and its capacity is a total of 670g. Small cream chargers are generally purchased in bulk; so you can save yourself the hassle of constantly swapping cream chargers as well as getting 10% more nitrous oxide with the Exotic Whip cream charger.

But more than its size, our charger has another specialty that makes for one of its most unique attributes. The cream charger can be used together with our special taste beads that can be easily added to the whipped cream charger that you use to prepare your culinary creations. Currently, there are three unique and exotic flavors, Pleasure Passion Fruit, Wavey Watermelon and Pretty Pineapple.

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Pleasure Passion Fruit

The interesting thing about the purple-colored Pleasure Passion Fruit is that it is sweet and sour simultaneously. Whether you mix it with sorbet, barbeque salad sauce, or the foam that you intend to put atop your mojito or martini, you’re assured that it’s going to give the taste an amazing boost.

Wavey Watermelon

The Wavey Watermelon flavor is equally exquisite and has a refreshingly sweet taste. Whether you have it with something sweet, sour, or bitter, it is going to form a perfect combination. You can try adding it to the foam that you prepare for drinks like fruit gazpacho, watermelon-mint-vodka cocktail, or designer pina colada.

Pretty Pineapple

The thought of ripe sweet pineapple can make your tongue salivate. So, as you add this last exotic flavor to your whipped cream, foam, or sauce, it will take your culinary creation to the next level.

Cream Chargers With No chemical aftertaste

Talking of taste, yet another specialty of the Exotic Whip cream charger is that the whipped cream that you make with it does not have any chemical aftertaste due to the cylinder not having any seams, and on release, the nitrous oxide does not carry any other flavor than the one you’ve chosen. Right, so what are you waiting for, if you are using a whipped cream dispenser regularly, try out our cream charger and enjoy the exotic flavors that come along with it!

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