The Green Behind-the-Scenes of ExoticWhip

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Ramdon, ExoticWhip’s production company, contributed to One Tree Planted in Europe and TreePeople in the US for the planting of over 2000 trees across both continents. And we will continue to contribute regularly. 

You know us through the Exotic brand – the sun, the sea, the sand – promising European quality N2O each and every time. 

But everything that our brand image is about needs protecting. We do this through sustainable practice. While it’s easier said than done, the 21st Century demands no excuses for sustainability.

For businesses to continue to succeed, they need to care about the playground in which they come up with their greatest ideas. 

While all ExoticWhip cream canisters – from our biggest to our smallest – can be recycled efficiently, we wanted to do more. 

Given that this week started with an Earth Day celebration on 22 April and today, 26 April, happens to be Arbor Day, Ramdon donated to two massive non-profits in the EU and the US. 

Trees offset the production of greenhouse gases. A greener coverage means protection from drought, cleaner air, shade, protection from storm surge and flooding and contribute to the filtering of water. That’s a lot that can be achieved with so little. 

Protecting the planet is protecting ourselves at the end of the day. Doing business does not have to go counter to sustainability. In fact, we’re committed to doing both. 

Keep an eye out for more of our sustainability initiatives as we grow ever bigger and more conscientious.