Exotic Whip Original Cream Charger 640 gram

Get 10% more N2O in every cream charger you purchase compared to similar products offered by our competitors, and thanks to our seamless cream charger you can say goodbye to unpleasant chemical tastes.


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2,5 kg
8,5 × 8,5 × 26,3 cm

640 grams


Cream Chargers


Nitrous Oxide


Disposable cylinder,
Stainless steel

Substance Identification

UN.Nr 1070



Units Per Case


Case Size (cm)


Case Weight (kg)


The difference

Our seamless cream charger – 640 gram nitrous oxide

With the Exotic Whip cream charger, you will get 10% more nitrous oxide per cream charger. That means 640 grams of pure N2O per cream charger, instead of the 580 grams usually offered on the market.

Create your own Whip Shots!

Using our cream chargers you can easily make your own Whip Shots at home. Not sure how? Check our guide on how to create Whip Shots at home.

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No chemical aftertaste

Thanks to our unique production process, the flavor that you choose for your Exotic Whip cream charger will be just perfect. This is because our cream chargers don’t have seams. As a result, the chance of unpleasant chemical hints of flavor is pretty much non-existent.

This is how easy it was meant to be.

Give your creations a delicious tropical twist with our unique cream chargers.