24x Cream Charger – 640 gram


Get 10% more N2O in every cylinder you purchase compared to similar products offered by our competitors, and thanks to our seamless cylinders you can say goodbye to unpleasant chemical tastes.


The difference

Cream Chargers – 24x 640 gram N2O

10% more N2O gas per cylinder, a total of 640g N2O as opposed to the usually offered 580g.

640 Grams of pure N2O

640g of N2O in a single cylinder, the equivalent of 80 single cream chargers, as well as 10% more N2O as opposed to normal 580g cream chargers on the market.

No chemical aftertaste

Our cylinders are all seamless, thanks to this the usual chemical aftertaste is non-existent and you can enjoy the unique exotic flavors of our taste beads to the fullest.

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