N2O Cream Chargers And Their Biggest Benefits

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N2O cream chargers are meant for recharging cream dispensers and filling them up with nitrous oxide, which helps prepare whipped cream more quickly and easily. However, many other reasons account for their popularity and widespread use, some of which we’ve listed below in this blog.

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N2O Cream Chargers And Their Biggest Benefits:

Nitrous oxide, why it is one of the most useful gasses to use in your kitchen.

The nitrous oxide found in cream chargers is a useful gas, especially in the kitchen, that has many specialties. To begin with, it causes the cream volume to increase as much as four times, making it twice as effective as oxygen, unlike oxygen that facilitates bacterial growth, N2O kills bacteria. N2O is what effectively propels whipped cream out of a dispenser and helps preserve it for up to nearly a whole week when cooled properly.

Producing fresh whipped cream and being able to store it longer

When you have a cream charger and a cream dispenser, you can make fresh cream anytime rather than having to make do with that which comes in cans. And your fresh cream will remain fresh for much longer, as long as you store it in the refrigerator. Your cream charger can also come in handy in enhancing the look and flavor of any dressing or sauce that you already have. By refilling air, you can increase its volume and allow it to stick to another food item more nicely.

The more capacity, the better and cheaper

Instead of buying small cream chargers in bulk, if you go for something bigger and better like Exotic Whip Cream Charger, the whole process of recharging cream dispensers will get further streamlined and you will get to avail yourself some exceptional benefits.

There will be no need for regular refilling and you can pump as much gas in your dispenser as it can possibly contain. The filling hose will be instrumental in causing the fast charging and if you were earlier using small cream chargers, you will witness an almost 50% reduction in the time it would normally take to refill.

One full 640g Cream Charger is roughly the equivalent of 80 conventional, 8g cream chargers that have to be screwed one by one each time they are empty whereas their much larger counterpart has a convenient one-click system. You even have a free regulator to adjust the pressure, and, the larger cream charger minimizes metal wastage by 20% is compatible with most renowned dispensers.

Easily adding flavors to your whipped cream

Lastly, Exotic Whip Cream Charger is the largest cream cylinder available on the market today, at a total of 640 grams. Along with the increased capacity, there’s also the option to infuse the cylinder with some great exotic flavors like mango, peach, and strawberry by adding the taste beads offered on our webshop.

Now that you have become familiar with the benefits of cream chargers, you will probably be more enthused to use them and tap into their usefulness.