Cream siphons and the food industry

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Cream siphon usage in the food industry

Within the food industry, the cream siphon is one of the products that has been gaining more weight over the years, since it allows us to make different types of culinary preparations. If you still do not use it in your business, we invite you to get to know it.


Cream Siphon usage in the Food Industry | N20 Whipped Cream Chargers

Everything you need to know about cream siphon usage in the food industry.

Within the food sector, we come across the use of tools, products, or small appliances that a few years ago might have seemed unthinkable. However, trends often emerge and it is important to evolve, to be up to date, and to offer customers novelties.

One of these key utensils in today’s kitchen is the cream siphon. This is a product with many possibilities since the siphon can be used to prepare creams and foams, both for main dishes and desserts, which is why it is so popular.

Why cream siphon usage is increasing

The cream siphon is a popular utensil for many reasons. One of them is because it allows us to achieve ‘something’ that we could not do otherwise.

For example, it allows us to transform the liquid into a mousse texture so that if we introduce liquid cream in a siphon with an N2O cream charger, we will have whipped cream. This is ideal for making surprising preparations, both at home and professionally.

Its possibilities are so wide that more and more users are using it and incorporating it into their recipes, which is why it is so necessary for the food industry.

Step-by-step how to use a cream siphon

To optimally use your cream siphon, follow these steps:

  1. Fill the siphon with cream (note the maximum filling mark) and with both products cold, the cream and the siphon
  2. Close it, checking that it is perfectly closed. Then the nitrous oxide gas charge is inserted into the siphon. At this point, empty the nitrous oxide gas charge into the siphon.
  3. Shake the siphon at least a couple of times, until it has the consistency you are looking for.
  4. Remove the cream charger, now you’re ready to use the whipped cream in the siphon. 

What can you do with the cream siphon?

The cream siphon goes far beyond just whipped cream because as we have already mentioned, it allows endless possibilities. This makes it an excellent investment since it is a product that can be used to a great advantage in the kitchen.

Among the main preparations, we would like to highlight: strawberries with cream, tartlets with whipped cream, filled cakes, pastry decorations, etc.

How long does whipped cream last in a cream siphon?

The whipped cream can be kept in the cream siphon for up to 10 days in the refrigerator. To reuse it, just shake the siphon vigorously a couple of times. If we want the texture to be thicker, it works well to add a second charge, but it is not always necessary.

How easy is a cream siphon in usage?

The reality is that whipping cream for desserts may seem simple, and in fact, it is. Of course, it is easier for those who are used to dealing with this type of appliance. The first time can be complex and it is important to have some basic notions before using this kitchen utensil.

The advantages of using a cream siphon in catering

In the catering sector, it is a key utensil because it offers many possibilities and has many advantages, including:

  • An authentic flavor: flavor is one of the most important aspects when selling products. If what you want is to get a fresh and pure cream flavor, you can achieve this with a kitchen siphon for desserts.
  • The cream lasts longer: another advantage, especially for the catering industry, is that whipping cream with a siphon instead of whipping by hand or with a machine, is that the siphon and the N2O gas protect the product, making the cream last longer in the refrigerator. In places where it is used a lot, this kitchen utensil becomes indispensable.
  • More dessert possibilities and better results: it is a tool that not only confectioners but also cooks and food lovers can use for their creations. It allows to achieve a better taste and also professional results; the customer notices it.
  • Economical advantages: this point is also important and is due to the fact that the gas released by the siphon allows the cream to whip with more volume and the texture to be lighter, obtaining a finer product. In this way, we use less cream in our preparations, thus saving costs in the long run.

We hope this guide will motivate you to start using a cream siphon in the food industry. If you need a bit of advice to choose the right one, remember that you can contact us.

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